THE DRIVER of a semi trailer which had smoke pouring from its brakes on the South Eastern Freeway has been accused of criminal offenses and the truck and trailer absconded.

The 23-year-old Queensland driver was ceased soon after 2pm on Wednesday after a Mount Barker police watch saw the B-twofold tanker with smoke originating from the wheels.

The driver could convey the vehicle to a sheltered stop on Glen Osmond Road where watches from the Road Policing Section reviewed the vehicle.

A path on Glen Osmond Rd was shut off while the review occurred with a substantial vehicle analyst absconding the brakes of both prime mover and trailer and in addition taking note of various other minor issues.

The truck and trailer will be towed and analyzed further while examinations of the trucking organization proceed.

The driver was accounted for driving unlicensed, disturbed due care and neglecting to utilize low riggings and will be summonsed to show up in the Adelaide Magistrates Court at a later date.

“Police are worried that while most substantial vehicle administrators are making the best choice, various administrators aren’t”, Brevet Sergeant James Mansfield of the Road Policing Section said.

“An episode like this could have effortlessly wound up having lamentable results as the nearness of either a noteworthy or minor imperfection in a vehicle expands the danger of causing a street mischance.”

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