The Precinct

Glen Osmond Road is a community mainstreet located in the leafy suburbs of Adelaide’s south east.

The precinct was once known as ‘the Gateway’, due to its connection between the Adelaide CBD and Hills. Today, it’s known as G.O Road, the go-to community shopping destination.

In the past few years, G.O Road’s community vibe and local following has attracted a range of new businesses to open in the precinct. This influx of traders has revitalised shopfronts and diversified the business mix- which now boasts a range of boutique retailers, service providers and eateries.

The combination of new businesses, pop-up-shops and long standing traders gives the precinct a feeling of ‘fresh and familiar’. This combination ensures that the precinct is always evolving, drawing new audiences and offering a unique shopping experience.

The local business community and associated patrons are complimented by visitors frequenting the precinct’s park, Community Centre and local schools. It’s this diverse audience, coupled with a great range of traders that makes G.O Road Adelaide’s go-to community shopping destination.