Lawn Bowl Outlets

More than 85% of the people in the world are attracted to a certain game, football specifically soccer taking a bigger percentage. However, a lot of people are discovering other games that are even more entertaining and relaxing to play. In addition to being a way of entertainment, others venture into these games so as to reduce the risk of injuries. And Lawn bowl is the game you should venture into. If you are looking to purchase bowls ensure you look at a Lawn Bowls Shop – Shoes, Equipment, Clothing & Accessories supplier.

Understanding More about Lawn Bowls

This game has two major balls namely jack which is the smaller while the bigger is called the bowl or wood. The sport is played in a field called bowling green which may be flat or convex.

The main aim of this game is rolling biased balls so that they stop near to the jack. The near you are to the small ball the closer you are to being a winner. The outdoor surfaces may be natural grass or artificial turf. In the late 1800s the Bowling Association was formed in Australia and today the lawn bowls are being played in more than 40 countries.

The game is dominant in Scotland and it has become the home of lawn bowl. In the past days, the larger balls- the wood- was only in color black or brown but nowadays they are in various colors. The bowl has some unique symbol on them that makes them easy to be identified especially when the teams playing the game have bowls of the same color

How is the Game Played?

The sport is played on Bowling Green which is rectangular and well leveled that has grass or artificial surface which is usually divided into playing strips known as rinks. When playing singles, one of you must flip a coin so that you may know who wins the mat. The player, who wins the mat, is the one who starts the game.

If you won the mat, you place it at the end of the bowling green and you roll the jack to serve as your target on the other end of the green. Once it stops, it’s aligned at the center of the rink and then your opponents roll their woods in turns while standing on the mat so as to build their head. So as to remain in the game, the bowl must rest within the rink boundary.

If your bowl falls in the ditch, which is referred to as the dead end and you will be removed from the game except if it touched the jack when rolling. If the jack happens to fall into the dead end it is taken back at the center of the rink where it was before.

After all the bowlers have played the distance of the bowl from the jack is determined and points, shots, are awarded and the one with the highest points becomes the winner.

  1. Types of Delivery When Bowling

Like any other game, there is a way of delivery in Lawn Bowls sport. They include:

  • Draw shots – this is a shot where you roll the wood to a certain specific location without disturbing to the other bowls that are ahead. A finger peg is aimed to the right side of the jack which latter curves to the left when played by a right-handed bowler. The aim is to pass the bowl as close as possible to the jack.
  • Drive/strike/fire – you shot the bowl with a force so as to knock out of the play either the jack or a certain bowl/wood.
  • Upshot/yard on – as the bowler you deliver the wood in a “controlled” weight manner that is capable of displacing the jack or other bowls in their head but not pushing them to the end.
  • Block shot – this shot is purposely placed so as to defend an opponent’s draw shot or their drive.